Risk Management

ANSIC provides detailed strategic risk management assessments in consultation with our clients and key stake holders to facilitate the highest level of unobtrusive security.

We offer these services

Counter-Terror Risk Assessments

ANSIC’s experienced specialists pass on detailed reports to clients in relation to individual actions and decision making in the event of a terrorist attack to ensure maximum prevention of the loss of life, working with first responders and aiding in mitigating the threat.


Active Armed Shooter & Awareness Training

Learn what to do in the event of an active shooter attack with our training, where we teach you to develop your real-time threat analysis and how to amplify effective reaction time to ensure maximum safety.


Audits & Asset Inspections

Audits and asset inspections are completed by following compliance and your business’s legislative expectations.


Penetration Testing

ANSIC can strengthen your defence by identifying and eliminating security breach and risk of physical threats.


Workplace Health & Safety Assessments

Following systematic risk management helps to prevent workplace incidents from occurring, that negatively affect individuals within a company and/or the company itself.


Travel Plan Assessments

Following planned guidelines and having emergency response systems can help to reduce travel risks and security breaches.