Security Personnel

As an employer of choice in the security industry for many years, we service multiple sites and venues across South East Queensland. Our security personnel services include security presence at a front desk or gate, monitoring events, patrolling civilian and corporate premises, guarding compounds or equipment, monitoring computer rooms, checking automatic machinery or assisting with product control.


Clients employ on-site guards for a variety of reasons, including security presence at a front desk, door or gate, guarding compounds or equipment, monitoring computer rooms and guarding high-risk individuals. The latter segment also includes executive protection, which involves providing security to people in high-risk groups, such as politicians, court judges and celebrities. There is a wide spectrum of security services on the market. Our security personnel services include, Crowd Control, Close Personal Protection (CPP), Static, Event, Static, Concierge, Mobile Patrol and Virtual Patrol. Guard patrols are usually backed up by a central monitoring station and radio or mobile communications. Nevertheless, if required, they can provide immediate support. All manner of security personal are beneficial in scenarios that require an immediate response where a delay would cause dangerous repercussions, and, in some cases, even putting the lives of people in peril.
As new electronic systems tend to be cheaper and more effective, traditional guard, armoured guard and patrol services are now slow growth areas. However, quality services from trained personnel within the security industry are in high demand.

Who provides this service?

ANSIC employs a wide range of security personnel for multiple roles. However, all our security personnel are required to possess the following:

  • QLD security providers licence
  • Class 1 with Crowd controller’s function
  • RSA
  • COVID-19 Double vaccination status
  • Provide Advanced First and CPR
  • Well-presented appearance
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Positive attitude and work ethic

Why it is needed?

Security personnel are needed to manually monitor high risk areas where a physical presence is necessary. Whilst the world is turning to digital solutions, there are still scenarios that require physical monitoring. The physical presence of security guards accounts for the limitations of security technology. Security personnel can provide an immediate response to hazardous situations as they arise where a delay could put people at further risk of danger. Dangerous situations need to be dealt with promptly by skilled and trained professionals.

Security Personnel Services

Our security roles cover the whole spectrum of security related services. There are many diverse types of security personnel whose duties vary according to their position. We have guards that are available 24/7 for protection at workplaces, events, public areas and homes. Below is a list of the various security personnel that ANSIC provide and their roles within the security sphere:

Bodyguard / Close Personal Protection (CPP)

Close Personal Protection officers work closely with their clients. Their responsibility is to keep their clients safe through ensuring that potential risks are identified and addressed before they become significant threats.

Crowd controller (and licensed venues)

Crowd controllers monitor premises. They will often monitor the entrance of a venue or be stationed within the premises.

Static – Asset and Corporate protection

Static guards staff posts, protect assets, verify credentials, diffuse conflicts and potentially keep unauthorized persons out of the allocated premises and exclusion zones.

Event Security

Event security personnel are trained to handle unexpected situations that could arise in crowded areas. They keep order at events and ensure the safety of everyone that attends. Without security, event organisers run the risk of events turning chaotic.


A Concierge assists clients with a variety of personal services such as making dinner reservations, tour bookings, providing event suggestions, and transportation arrangements. Our concierges attend to the needs of the guests within their care. They are adaptable to the needs of their client and can handle unexpected requests with discretion.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile security patrols are security officers who maintain order and report suspicious behavior beyond fixed locations by patrolling designated areas.

Virtual Patrols

Virtual patrols can remotely inspect a building through digital CCTV livestream in place of mobile patrols if an alarm is triggered.


  • Business and homeowners will save money because their assets will be protected.
  • Criminals are easily identified.
  • RSA.
  • Occupants of premises feel safe at home and at work.
  • Because security personnel act as visual deterrents to acts of crime and aggression, the risk of crimes and injuries will be minimised.


  • Mishaps are dealt with immediately.
  • Patrons feel secure/reassured.
  • The presence of security personnel lessens the workload for employers and employees in professional business settings.
  • Security personnel can offer immediate assistance to those in need.
  • Security personnel provide peace of mind for business owners, employees, clients, customers and residents.