Risk Management



History has shown that planning and preparation are key strategies used in the mitigation of risk or the minimisation of impact caused by any specific incident. Whilst emergency services form the basis of any reasonable risk management plan, there are plans and procedures that can be implemented in any known environment that may significantly reduce the damage/harm caused during or by a serious incident.



The identification, planning, coordination and maintenance of sustainable security is fundamental to the protection of your assets.

workplace health & Safety


Conducting on-site workplace compliance risk assessments in the areas of health, safety and employee relations, identifying practical and governance issues and proposing remedies.



Ensure maximum prevention of the loss of life, working with first responders and aiding in mitigating the threat.

Risk Training

The reliable information evaluated by our security authorities indicates that individuals and/or groups currently have the intention and ability to carry out terrorist attacks in Australia. Densely populated cities are still the most vulnerable to the threat of terrorism; but the threat is not limited to large cities, and attacks may occur elsewhere. Employers need to ensure that employees are adequately prepared with the required knowledge to deal with a potential threat if or when it arises.

Active armed offender awareness training


Learn what to do in the event of an active offender attack with our interactive online training, where we teach you to develop your real-time threat analysis and how to amplify effective reaction time to ensure maximum safety.

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Australia’s current national terrorism threat level is assessed as PROBABLE.

Definition of terrorism

We define terrorism as “an action or threat of action in which the action causes certain forms of harm or interference, and the action or threat is aimed at promoting political, religious or ideological causes.”

terrorism Today

Terrorist incidents are no longer limited to international “hot spots”, political or military targets. Anyone is a potential target. The perceived “soft” target now attracts as much public attention as possible without a defensive strategy.