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Definition of terrorism

We define terrorism as “an action or threat of action in which the action causes certain forms of harm or interference, and the action or threat is aimed at promoting political, religious or ideological causes.”

terrorism Today

Terrorist incidents are no longer limited to international “hot spots”, political or military targets. Anyone is a potential target. The perceived “soft” target now attracts as much public attention as possible without a defensive strategy.

Australia’s current national terrorism threat level is assessed as PROBABLE.

National Terrorism Threat Advisory System

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Counter-Terror Risk Assessment

Our experienced specialists pass on detailed reports to clients in relation to individual actions and decision making in the event of a terrorist attack to ensure maximum prevention of the loss of life, working with first responders and aiding in mitigating the threat.

Active armed offender awareness training


Learn what to do in the event of an active shooter attack with our training, where we teach you to develop your real-time threat analysis and how to amplify effective reaction time to ensure maximum safety.