ANSIC is a privately owned and operated Australian company, specialising in providing advanced security technology and risk management solutions.

The ANSIC delivers a high level of customer satisfaction through technology innovations, highly trained personnel, adaptable market changes and quality products. We thrive on being innovative leaders in the industry, bringing the wealth of knowledge obtained across security based industries in military, armed-forces, police, government and corporate organisations.

Thanks to a management team with over 100 years combined experience, we have refined our skills and industry knowledge to deliver viable solutions that meet your needs.



World-Class Service

We strive to be the best in the industry by offering a professional service and high customer satisfaction – we don’t sacrifice quality.


Trained and Skilled Personnel

We employ licenced professionals and induct them into the ANSIC service standards.


Technology and Innovations

We are abreast of the latest technology and innovation solutions to ensure you and your assets are secured.


Adaptable and Flexible

We are flexible to manage any situation and adaptable to the ever-changing security and risk management industry.


Reliable and Effective

Our knowledge and time in the industry ensures we can offer you a reliable and effective service, tailored to your needs.

The ANSIC Team



Managing Director

James Walker is the Managing Director of ANSIC offering diverse experience gained across a broad spectrum of government sector roles, including a track record of delivering risk management solutions as a Military Non-Commission Officer with the Australian Army and time abroad as a Military Mentor for the Afghanistan National Army.

After his career in the Army, James graduated as a Close Protection Officer from RONIN South Africa. He further honed his specialist skills through high-profile roles with Austere Risk Management across South Africa and Afghanistan, and later worked as the Country Manager for RED Risk Management Services Company in Afghanistan, consulting to the Afghan Public Protection Force to manage 15,000 armed guards and 495 secure sites.

During his tenure abroad, James led a workforce of over 380 staff and was contracted by the Afghan Government’s Ministry of Interior to rebuild business infrastructure and implement anti-corruption programs across a diverse national portfolio. He concurrently held the role of Chief Operating Officer and oversaw delivery of risk management solutions for major projects, travelling widely to meet the needs of stakeholders across the USA, Bahrain, Dubai, Australia and other locations.

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Trent Sowry

Trent Sowry

General Manager

Trent is the General Manager of ANSIC. He offers a range of experience with well-balanced and strategic thinking developed from his time in the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR). Trent then moved into the private security industry where he excelled in multiple areas, gaining tertiary qualifications and performing numerous Close Personal Protection (CPP) roles for celebrities, delegates and businesspeople.
Trent was also part of RED Risk Management Services company in Kabul Afghanistan, serving as National Operations Manager and right-hand man to the Country Manager. Trent Assisted in consulting to the Afghan Public Protection Force to manage over 15,000 armed guards and 495 security sites, liaising closely with NATO forces in Afghanistan.
Upon returning to Australia Trent was tasked with overseeing the operational implementation of the physical security arm of ANSIC. During this period, he began with a workforce of 15 personnel in 3 sites. This has now developed over time into a workforce of close to 200 personnel, with over 75 sites active sites in South-East Queensland alone.
Trent continues to focus on providing quality risk management solutions. He is currently diversifying his skill set, writing policies and procedures, overseeing a management team and moving into all facets of security and private investigations.

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Garry Sweet

Garry Sweet

Senior Consultant

Garry Sweet founded ANSIC in 2010 in response to a growing need to service the investigation and security industries globally. He is a Senior Investigation and Security Consultant and has extensive experience in the government and private sectors. He was a highly qualified Police Detective with the Queensland Police Service for over 21 years and was also the primary Operational Skills, Tactics and Firearms instructor for QPS Drug Squad as well as lecturing on various drug and other operational courses.

He is a current member of the International Police Association as well as holding various qualifications including a bachelor’s Degree in Policing (Investigations).

After leaving the QPS he has held various high-profile positions including the Eastern Region Operations Manager for the largest Private Security Company in Afghanistan before being promoted to Country Manager of Pakistan then taking on the role as the Global Corporate Investigations Manager based in the UAE. He subsequently incorporated RED Risk Management Services Company in the Middle East which he remains the President of and, amongst other contracts, was engaged by the Government of Afghanistan to provide high level security and risk management services to the Afghanistan Public Protection Force (APPF) which subsequently increased their profitability from $3mil USD per annum to $35mil USD per annum.

Upon his return to Australia his professional services have been highly sought after in both the corporate and commercial sectors globally. Today he is considered a leading expert in the fields of Investigations, Security/ Risk Management, Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Corruption. He is also regularly engaged as a key note speaker at various government and corporate events.

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Jason Jones

Jason Jones

Senior Consultant

Jason is a decorated former Police Officer with over 30 years operational experience in Law Enforcement encompassing senior management roles with the Queensland Police Service, National Crime Authority (NCA), Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and Western Australian Corrective Services. Jason was the Operational Manager of Specialist Police Units such as the Organised Crime Taskforce, Homicide Investigation Group, Armed Robbery Squad, Drug Squad, Security Intelligence Branch and the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence. Jason was also the Managing Principle for a European Executive Security Consultancy for over 3 years, with a specialisation in High Risk Threat Assessments and “Tiger Kidnapping and Ransom Resolution”.

Jason was appointed to establish and lead the first ever Intelligence Cell attached to a Tactical Response Group (SERT) in Australia. The subsequent success of his development and operational management of this position led to Intelligence Cells being aligned to every Tactical Response Group across Australia.

Through his extensive background in Security Intelligence, he was subsequently appointed to Manage the National Counter Terrorism Capability Coordination role after the September 11 attacks. This was a pivotal role in developing Standard Operating Procedures and bespoke training for Specialised Policing Units responses to Terrorist threats and /or incidents for Australia and New Zealand.

Jason has been appointed to Lead the Close Personal Protection detail to several overseas and Australian dignitaries including:
Former United States President, Mr Bill Clinton;
HM, the Queen;
Former British Prime Minister, Ms Margaret Thatcher;
Former Chinese Prime Minister, Mr Li Peng; and
Former Australian Prime Minister, Mr John Howard.

Jason received a United States Secret Service Commendation for Outstanding Service and Excellence in relation to the visit to Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) by former United States President Bill Clinton.

Jason was appointed the Inaugural Justice Intelligence Service (JIS) General Manager in Western Australia, a role in which he was in charge for the security of all 16 Correctional facilities in WA. He is the recipient of the Queensland and National Police Service Medal for 20 years distinguished service to the Country.

Jason also has a unique insight in to the Corporate Landscape through his experience in Leading Continuous Improvement Programs, including Kaizen and Six Sigma, across various Corporate and Government roles. This included 5 years’ experience managing and leading Continuous Improvement Programs for NAB and ANZ, and over 7 years as a Continuous Improvement consultant in the intervening years. He has the rare skillset to apply Continuous Improvement methodology and Change Management mindset when working with clients across various industries and organisations.

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Matilda Greene

Matilda Greene

HR & WHS Manager

Matilda Greene is a Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety Consultant, specialising in:
✓    Employment Contracts
✓    Employee Policy Handbook
✓    Contractor Service Agreements
✓    Minimum Pay Rates
✓    Penalty Rates & Overtime
✓    National Employment Standards
✓    Modern Award and Enterprise Agreements Compliance
✓    Fair Work and Work Health & Safety Act Interpretation
✓    Fair Work and Work Health & Safety Regulations
✓    Inspections & Audits

Matilda is able to provide her knowledge of the applicable laws and legislation to provide compliant and commercial solutions for Employers in all industries.

Matilda started her career in the CSG, oil & gas, mining and construction industries in a services company, working both in the corporate head office and based on remote sites. The dual experiences in both environments enabled Matilda to refine the ability to communicate effective HR and WHS solutions.

Risk Management Services

Joshua delaware

Joshua delaware

digital marketing coordinator

In his role, Joshua has enjoyed working on various marketing and branding projects for ANSIC Group, a collection of businesses in the Security, Risk Management, Medical Supplies & Software Development industries.

Joshua has recently completed the marketing component of a Masters program at the UniSA Business School, home to the EB Institute for Marketing Science, the world’s largest marketing research institute. This research is supported by the world’s largest global companies as well as national key icons ensuring the world’s best quality training, the latest thinking in the marketing field and key marketing discoveries.

Coupled with this training, Joshua spent 5 years (2015-20) as the marketing manager for Genos, a global leadership training brand in the L&D, HR & RTO sectors providing solutions to some of the largest companies throughout multiple B2B & B2G industries in the Asia-Pacific region. Throughout this time, Joshua managed numerous contractors/suppliers and applied various marketing strategies, including CRM management, email marketing, social media marketing, online and offline events, funnels, content marketing, brand management, mobile-first website optimisation, technical SEO, paid advertising, eCommerce and more to establish strong business trends which made possible expansions around the globe including USA and Europe.

Joshua Collins

Joshua Collins

operations manager

Joshua has over 11 years of industry experience in the domestic security sector. Josh has a strong focus on diversifying his skill suit and has worked within all aspects of the security industry.

Joshua began his industry experience in the crowd control sector, moving quickly through the ranks to supervisor level, overseeing the implementation of strategic policies and procedures to suit small scale venues, up to large scale festivals and events. Through this period Joshua has also gained extensive experience in monitoring, mobile patrols and asset protection.

Joshua moved into a night Supervisor role with ANSIC in 2018. Since then he has continual excelled in his chosen career path, quickly gaining further tertiary qualifications and broadening his experience. Joshua now holds the role of Operations Manager with ANSIC. He has been directly involved in the overseeing of over 75 active sites across South-East Queensland and assists in the deployment and ongoing management of over 200 guards within the company.

Joshua has a demonstrated capability for ensuring continual growth and sustainability throughout an extended period of operational involvement. He has set a high standard as an active company role model within the community.

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andrew essery

andrew essery

assistant operations manager

Andrew is the Assistant Operations Manager for ANSIC. After gaining experience in the Australian Defence Force with an operational deployment to Afghanistan with the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment (2CER) he moved to the private sector. Working for the internationally accredited training establishment MAT Kosovo he oversaw the training and development of international students in Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Security Operations, also gaining additional tertiary qualifications concurrently.

Andrew then moved to a Team Leader role with Tetra Tech in Syria, training and supervising international High-Risk Search and Security teams in the planning and conduct of clearance operations within Raqqa and surrounding areas. After 12 months in this role he was promoted to the position of Technical Field Manager. He continued in this role for a further 12 months until project closure.

After leaving Syria he began his work for the humanitarian organisation Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) in Iraq. Continuing to develop his applied skills in Security and EOD operations while liaising with the UN, local government authorities, and external stakeholders to ensure successful and safe operations for his teams.

Upon returning to Australia Andrew worked as an Injury Management Consultant while concurrently obtaining his national security qualifications. Since then Andrew has been an integral part of the ANSIC operations team.

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