Close-up of Australian Army soldier wearing khaki Slouch Hat uniform during ANZAC Day remembrance service in Cooroy, Queensland (Australia)

ANSIC Security: Australian Veteran Owned Certified 

ANSIC Security is a proudly registered Australian Veteran Owned Business, with our Managing Director, James Walker, and Chief Operating Officer, Trent Sowry, both having served our country.   After their defence careers, they applied their extensive experience and knowledge by consulting to the Afghan Public Protection Force, in Afghanistan, who managed over 15,000 armed guards and…

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November Highlights: Developments in Digital Identification and Cybersecurity Strategies

The last month has brought notable developments in Queensland and across Australia, particularly with the introduction of the Queensland Digital Licence App and the launch of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy. In this blog, we will explore these key updates and their impact throughout November. Queensland’s Digital License App On November 1st, Queensland followed in the…

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Compliance Certificate 2022

ASIAL Code of Professional Conduct Statutory Compliance

ANSIC has proudly achieved statutory compliance with Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) Code of Professional Conduct as a Security Firm Licence holder. This Certification is proof that ANSIC is committed to complying with the legislation and regulations that govern the private security industry. ASIAL is the national peak body for security organisations and professionals…

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ANSIC Security Monitoring

What to do when your employees don’t feel safe at work

Do your employees feel safe at work? As a business owner and employer, it’s your responsibility to keep your team feeling safe at work – both physically and mentally. If your staff members have witnessed or experienced a situation that has made them feel unsafe, there are a number of steps you can take to…

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ANSIC Security Guard

Why on-site security is a must for any retail store

If you own a retail business, chances are you’ve installed CCTV. While security cameras provide an excellent, visible deterrent, utilizing static guards in retail for loss prevention is key – protecting your business and its assets, and bringing peace of mind for you and your employees. So why should you invest in security personnel for…

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ANSIC Guard With Flashlight

How to keep your construction site safe and secure

Theft, vandalism, and damage to expensive equipment are frequent problems faced by construction companies. Not only do breaches to construction sites result in time delays and lost revenue, but it can have drastic implications for workplace health and safety, should an accident occur on-site. If you’re in the construction industry, chances are you’ve asked yourself…

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ANSIC Security ID Check

How to improve the security of your neighbourhood

Are my doors strong enough to prevent a break-in? Can people on the street see valuables through my front windows? Is my neighbourhood a crime hotspot? Let’s face it, these are all questions that make us second-guess our approach to home security. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that you can take to protect…

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Top 5 ways to keep your business and team safe

Risk Management Risk management & assessments play an integral role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your workers. A risk assessment isn’t about creating a huge mound of paperwork for you to fill out, but rather about identifying measures that your business can take to control the risks inherent in your particular workplace. In…

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Residential security

5 reasons to invest in security at your residential complex

If you operate a residential complex, chances are you’re taking every opportunity to ensure its security and proper upkeep. Everybody wants their residents and internal facilities kept safe! If you’ve been considering additional security and safety protocols for your block of units or your residential village, we’re here to help. Here are 5 reasons to…

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