ANSIC Security: Australian Veteran Owned Certified 

ANSIC Security is a proudly registered Australian Veteran Owned Business, with our Managing Director, James Walker, and Chief Operating Officer, Trent Sowry, both having served our country.  

After their defence careers, they applied their extensive experience and knowledge by consulting to the Afghan Public Protection Force, in Afghanistan, who managed over 15,000 armed guards and 400 security sites, in close collaboration with ISAF. 

Since their return from Afghanistan, they have actively recruited over 50 Australian Veterans to assist with their transition from military to civilian life. They are strong advocates for the unique value that veterans add to the workforce.  

Veteran-owned businesses are critical in providing networking and employment opportunities, which are often limited after military service. Veterans offer a distinctive set of skills from their military training, including leadership, discipline, management, problem-solving, logistics, and communication skills—assets that are incredibly valuable in everyday roles. 

Supporting veterans in their transition with meaningful employment and a sense of purpose is vital to making a positive impact on veteran mental health. Furthermore, supporting veteran-owned businesses such as ours, allows us to assist veterans in leveraging their skills and experience in new ventures, often creating job opportunities. 

If you’re interested in careers with ANSIC Security, please contact Also visiting AVOB website provides a comprehensive directory of registered veteran-owned businesses, promoting support.