Why on-site security is a must for any retail store

If you own a retail business, chances are you’ve installed CCTV. While security cameras provide an excellent, visible deterrent, utilizing static guards in retail for loss prevention is key – protecting your business and its assets, and bringing peace of mind for you and your employees. So why should you invest in security personnel for your business? Here are a few reasons why on-site security services are important for any retail store.

Prevent shoplifting with loss prevention officers Did you know that in 2018, theft by customers accounted for over 50 percent of the revenue lost from retail stores? According to the ANZ Retail Crime Survey, over 9,000 stores – with annual sales of around $95 billion – reported that shoplifting or customer theft accounted for 57% of shrinkage or theft? That’s a loss of about $3.37 billion in the financial year ending June 2018.

Whether it’s due to fewer employees being staffed or the universal transition to automated POS systems, these figures point to the increasing prevalence of crime in the retail sector. By hiring covert security officers in plain clothes from organisations like ANSIC for your retail store, you can ensure that you catch shoplifters before they get away with your merchandise.

Security personnel can guard entry points to your store, reminding customers that your business takes security measures seriously. They can also roam the store to keep a close eye on customers who may appear nervous or suspicious.

Improve customer service

Apart from added security, uniformed security officers can also become a valuable part of your business in the eyes of customers. If there are no service assistants available, customers will feel comfortable asking security officers for basic information like directions and business hours. They can also act as an escort for customers or employees who are leaving the premises late at night, allowing them to get to their vehicle or mode of transport safely.

Security officers provide more than safety – they can improve your customers’ shopping experience in a number of different ways.

Increase overall security Theft isn’t the only security problem that retailers face on a frequent basis. Security guards are also specifically trained to identify repeat offenders and prevent violent or dangerous threats from evolving into crimes or emergencies. Certain stores – such as service stations – in some locations are more susceptible to experiencing these types of serious crimes. As a way to retain and protect valuable employees, static guards may be essential. Our security guards at ANSIC are highly trained in how to de-escalate potentially violent situations, in addition to keeping your staff and customers safe.

Respond in emergency situations

How many of your staff are trained to address an emergency? Although your business may have protocols in place should an emergency occur, it can be very stressful and difficult for untrained staff to react swiftly and calmly in the face of a high-stress situation. At ANSIC, our security officers are highly trained to provide instructions and ensure that an emergency medical situation can be brought under control in an effective and appropriate manner. It’s been proven that providing CPR and first-aid during life-threatening situations in the workplace saves lives.

ANSIC’S core value is to consistently deliver to our clients a world-class service that’s unmatched in its reliability and effectiveness in the Securities, Investigations, and Risk Management sectors.

Considering security officers for your retail business? Contact us today to find out how our security services can assist your business.