5 reasons to invest in security at your residential complex

If you operate a residential complex, chances are you’re taking every opportunity to ensure its security and proper upkeep. Everybody wants their residents and internal facilities kept safe! If you’ve been considering additional security and safety protocols for your block of units or your residential village, we’re here to help. Here are 5 reasons to invest in security at your residential complex.

Peace of mind for residents If there’s one thing that makes residents feel safe and secure, it’s the presence of security guards and other security measures, like CCTV, mobile patrol and virtual monitoring. This applies specifically to those in urban areas, who work jobs that involve large amounts of travelling, or to households with working couples, who leave their valuable assets at home. Instead of stressing over the possibility of a break-in, they can instead feel confident knowing that professionals are available to detect any potential security threats in a timely manner. ANSIC offers a unique neighbourhood watch package that, in many cases, acts as a first responder in emergencies and aids in securing homes in residential complexes.

Boosted perceived value By investing in added security like alarm monitoring and callouts for your residential complex, you’ll also be increasing the value of those homes for prospective residents. After all, one of the main reasons that people move into a residential complex is because of added safety and security for their family and belongings. People who consider moving into residential complexes often prioritise by the level of security on offer. By investing in a holistic approach to securing your complex, you’ll be sending the message to prospective residents that their investment is worth it and that their families and assets are in safe hands.

Control over who enters the premises Your complex’s entry gates are the doorways to your residential community. Without a well-functioning access control system and security gate, anyone can freely enter and exit your complex – compromising the safety and security of your residents and facilities. By installing an effective access control system, you’ll be able to monitor and control who enters the area and know who’s inside the complex at all times. With a partner like ANSIC at your side, if there’s an unauthorised visitor, we’ll notify you straight away and arrange a callout to address the unauthorised entry.

Protection against criminal and dangerous behaviour Residential complexes are well-known for providing a safer environment for residents. However, just because there are barred gates and authorised-only access, it doesn’t mean that crime and vandalism can’t happen.

Keep residents extra secure by combining standard on-site security with a top-of-the-range CCTV and visual monitoring system. Not only will this act as an effective deterrent, it will drastically reduce the chance of a crime occurring within your complex. Having a CCTV system in place if a crime does occur can help ensure that the situation is rectified and provide closure for residents.

Keep your complex security in-check When was the last time you checked the state of your security system? Over time, electronic gates and access control systems can deteriorate, resulting in a decline in the security of your residential complex. Sometimes, a faulty wire causes a gate to stop functioning. Maybe it’s been hanging by a thread for a decade and finally met its demise.

Regular premise and integrity checks on your security system will help to determine its weaknesses and what improvements are needed to make your complex as secure as possible.