Security Systems

ANSIC can provide security systems which use the latest technology in virtual monitoring from mobile applications, 24/7 monitoring and security cameras in residential homes to large scale businesses.

We offer the following Monitoring services

Crowd Control and Licenced Venues
CCTV & Alarm Installations

Security solutions for your home – big or small – we provide cost-effective solutions for you and your family.

Asset and Corporate Protection
Alarm Monitoring

ANSIC offers a dedicated control room that monitors your premises and receives instant alerts from security devices and actions first response protocols immediately.

Mobile Patrols
Virtual Patrols

Our digital, CCTV and video monitoring packages use a range of modern technologies to provide 24/7 surveillance at your premise.

Crowd Control and Licenced Venues
Technical Security Inspections

ANSIC offers a range of technical inspections such as CCTV 6 monthly inspections for licensed venues and alarm maintenance.

Asset and Corporate Protection
Wireless Intruder Detection Systems

Tailored solutions for construction sites, temporary sites and businesses to ensure security is maintained.

Event Security
SOS2US Reporting Software

A secure, timely and ingenious security solution that creates peace of mind for you or your organisation.