Investigation Services

ANSIC is a government licensed, highly efficient and cost-effective professional private investigation company which provides a timely and accurate global solution for our clients. We currently work with the largest insurance companies and insurance assessors in Australia as well as government agencies and corporate entities to produce timely and accurate factual investigative reports which enable our client to minimise their risk and liability.

We offer the following Investigation services

Crowd Control and Licenced Venues
Criminal & Civil Factual Investigations

Undertaking investigations, executing warrants and securing facilities for both civil and criminal matters.

Asset and Corporate Protection
Insurance Fraud Investigations

Independent and reliable investigations in validating insurance claims.

Mobile Patrols

Covert surveillance conducted by highly trained personnel utilising smart devices and/or electronic surveillance technology.

Crowd Control and Licenced Venues
Workplace Incidents

Independent and professional investigations in bullying, harassment, misconduct, theft/fraud, corruption and injuries etc.

Asset and Corporate Protection
Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing

Engaged by National and International agencies and corporations to assist, identify and report on findings pertaining to AML, CTF and Foreign Corrupt Practices.

Event Security
Electronic Tracking & Debugging Solutions

Devices for hire or purchase to monitor and track the transportation of goods, individuals or other items. Utilising state of the art electronic equipment and strategies to identify and remove possible listening or tracking equipment.