How to keep your construction site safe and secure

Theft, vandalism, and damage to expensive equipment are frequent problems faced by construction companies. Not only do breaches to construction sites result in time delays and lost revenue, but it can have drastic implications for workplace health and safety, should an accident occur on-site. If you’re in the construction industry, chances are you’ve asked yourself how to secure a construction site. Here are four steps that you can take to achieve a safe and secure construction site.

  1. Perimeter fencing

For every construction site, perimeter fencing should be your first line of defence when it comes to internal security. A building or construction site is a common target for theft and vandalism. By securing your perimeter with proper fencing, you’ll not only deter thieves from stealing expensive equipment, but you’ll also be preventing accidents, should someone wander on-site and injure themselves. Remember, not everyone sees an unfinished construction site and takes note of its potential hazards. To some, it may be a shortcut, area for illicit activities, or even a target for squatting.

  1. CCTV and wireless video detection

From expensive equipment to large amounts of building resources, construction sites hold many assets that have a high monetary value. To protect your construction site from revenue loss and criminal activity, it’s crucial that your company chooses the best security available. By implementing a reliable CCTV and video monitoring solution and keeping them visible, you’ll keep your construction site safeguarded from potential criminal activity. CCTV doesn’t just act as a visible deterrent, it also ensures that should criminal activity occur, you have access to the security footage. This becomes handy if you need to follow up with an investigation or future records.

  1. Access control

If your workers have finished for the day, the last thing you want is for them to return the next day to find property stolen or defaced. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have an access control system. Investing in an access control system means that only authorised personnel enter your site outside of working hours. It also reduces the likelihood of damage and missing gear after hours.

Access control systems can also assist with health, safety, and compliance measures. Regardless of how small or large your team is, making sure that your job site is compliant with WHS regulations can seem like an impossible task without the assistance of a full-time project manager. Luckily, a reliable access control system can help smoothen this process through its data storage features.

  1. Emergency technology

Did you know that the construction sector is the third most deadly industry in Australia? Each year, over one hundred Australian construction workers die due to workplace-related injuries. While this may not come as a huge shock because of the nature of the work involved, it’s still something that needs a solution. Fortunately, as technology evolves, so too does the development of mobile phone applications that assist workers who need urgent support or assistance. For example, SOS-2-US is a newly developed mobile phone application that delivers custom, instant notifications to relevant emergency departments, enabling onsite teams to save time, and potentially lives, all at the press of a button.

SOS-2-US can respond to the following reports: Urgent Incidents

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Armed Persons
  • Domestic Violence
  • Hostile Vehicles
  • Fire or Explosions
  • Bombs Threats
  • Other Life-Threatening Incidents

Minor Incidents

  • Theft or Fraud
  • Drug or Alcohol Activity
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Suspected Self-harm
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Workplace Safety Issues
  • Suspicious Persons or Packages
  • Other Reportable Incidents

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